— Wood workshop originated from Hong Kong. We design hand-made furnitures, interiors and gadgets, which are unique with every single timber, wood grain and wood colour. Stocks are limited, if needed, customization is available.

We do organise workshops allowing customer to participate in modelling our wood products. For details, please follow our social media or directly contact us.

香港本地工作室設計手工木製傢俱、 家品擺設以及精品小物。每件產品由專業導師精心製造,配合不同木材、不同紋理和顏色,均獨一無二。為維持質素,以下產品大部分只備少量現貨,如遇沒現貨或想微調尺寸可聯絡訂制。


Amplifier frame

Product Customization

*Apply on limited items

Our products can be customized of different timber, size, finishing and personal message stamping. We provide timber such as Maple, Oak, Ash, Walnut wood. Please feel free to discuss your idea with us.

客人可依現貨款式訂制,自選木材料、尺寸和木材塗裝方式。 木材料選擇提供有楓木、美國橡木、白蠟木、胡桃木等等。歡迎與我們的專業導師相討,客人也可自選參與製作過程如木材切割、打磨、拼接、入榫以及個人化加工刻名。

Beeswax Oil

Mudodesign Beewax Oil

Igredients are organic, most importantly safe to eat, and thus can be applied on tableware. Designed to protect wood pieces from water drops, and enhance wood shininess. HKD$120 (250ml) / Trial Pack $25 ( 20ml )


港幣120 (250ml) / 試用價港幣25 (20ml)


Design Beyond Imagination